Vacuum furnaces

 High temperature vacuum furnace 2200°C  




 1 stainless steel stanch enclave

 1 high temperature furnace with graphite

 1 heating elements

 1 Fixed infrared pyrometer

 1 electrical power system

 1 gas channel

 1 vacuum primary system

 2000°C Vertical furnace


 Operating temperature: 2000°C
 Graphite resistances
 Diameter: 80mm  Height: 100mm
 Thermal homogeneity under vacuum: +/-4°C
 Temperature rising speed: 1800°C/h
 Functioning under Ar, ArH2 5%
 Primary vacuum
 Supervisory control and data acquisition



 Secondary vacuum soldering furnace


 Operating temperature under vacuum: 1000°C
 Functionning under neutral gas : 1200°C
 High thermal homogeneity
 No pollution through a quartz treatment muffle

 Fast cooling

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