Graphite furnace

 1800°C Graphite Furnace


 Operating temperature: 1800°C
 Primary vacuum
 Usable sizes: Diameter: 80mm  Height: 100mm
 Thermal homogeneity:+/- 5°C under vaccum
 Heating rate: 1800°C/h
 Temperature measurement by optical pyrometer
 Atmosphere: Ar or ArH2 5%

 Graphite samples heating


 Temperature: 2400°C
 Power: 140Kw
 Graphite resistor
 Thermal insulation in graphite foam


 2200°C Graphite furnace

 Maximum operating temperature: 1900°C
 Height of the load: 1100mm
 Homogeneity on 1000mm: +/- 10°C (at 1700°C)
 Power installed: 100Kw

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