Wet Oxidation furnace


Designed for realizing the wet thermal oxidation of III-V compound semiconductors, at stabilized temperature, under vacuum atmosphere, on wafers up to 4”


Made in cooperation with LAAS-CNRS


in-situ optical real-time monitoring

for highly reproducible process


Main characteristics

Embedded optical monitoring system (accuracy/run-to-run deviation = +/- 1 µm)
Controlled flowing of moisturized gas for a selective oxidation process at an accurately and uniformly stabilized temperature (between 350°C and 600 °C)
Vacuum atmosphere (airtight chamber low pressure)
Number of heating zones : 2
Standard processing temperature : 400°C
Maximum heating temperature : 600°C
Heating rate from 20 to 400°C : 10-50°C /min
Low vacuum limit : 10-2mbar
Stabilized pressure range : 100 to 800 mbar
Moisture content : 0.6 to 30 g/h
Automated / interface controlled process for a better reproducibility



Applications : Manufacturing of semiconductor devices in the fields of photonics ( VCSEL, laser diodes, waveguides) and microelectronics ( MOSFET)


Views of oxidation process over 10mn


oxydation-tox-0 oxydation-tox-5 oxydation-tox-7 oxydation-tox-10
tox= 0 min tox= 5 min tox= 7 min tox= 10 min




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